Monday, April 26, 2010

My Lip Stuff Spree - Closed & Ordered

I've got a request to do My Lip Stuff spree. Please send me your order at pigments@live[dot]com

There are over 400+ flavours from them to choose from. Price RM11.1 each. But would prefer to order only regular tube balms. ;)

Let me know! Can read my past reviews on them. ;)

Oh, and their website is here --> My Lip Stuff

Order List -

alyssa_cha RM69.60 PAID-RM20
(1) mango sorbet
(2) midori
(3) sex on the beach
(4) pancakes and syrup
(5) green tea
(6) pink cake
Pos Ekspress x1 RM3

peachfuzz89 RM91.8 PAID
(1)orange chocolate
(2)rainbow sherbet
(3)peppermint chocolate
(4)cookies n cream
(5)shamrock shake
(6)blueberry pie
(7)lemon drop cookies
(8)pancakes & syrup
(9)candy kane // added
Pos Ekspress x1 RM3

Samihah (Email) RM36.3 PAID
(1)Peach Cobbler Lip Balm
(2)Lemon Drop Cookies Lip Balm
(3)Peace of Mind Lip Balm
Pos Ekspress x1 RM3

Kaysie (Email)
(1) Rainbow Sorbet
(2) Sex on the beach

(1) cookies and cream
(2)vanilla grapefruit
(4) Upside Down Pineapple Cake

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Nail Polish April Spree #2 - Posted!

notes to spreers --> Posted, Please see tracking # below =)


Hey lovely people,

There's a change of Merchant for this spree.

We'll be getting them from 8ty8beauty as they have other LE collection that Transdesign doesnt have. Nail polishes price are slightly lower too.

icon_question.gif FREE E-Parcel (anywhere in Malaysia) for purchases above RM100!

Quotes for Nail Polishes:-
China Glaze $2.68 --> RM17.9
OPI $4.48 --> RM26.05
OPI $4.68 --> RM26.9

** prices quoted above are for orders below 50 nail polishes per order. If your order is >50 nail polishes, PM me! Prices are even cheaper wink.gif
** prices above will be adjusted again when order reaches 60 nail polishes!
** FYI, this rate only applies to April Spree #2 due to our current currency exchange rate.

Transdesign spree will be open in May. This will be a short spree as the Spree cap is 50 Nail Polishes.

But anyway, the same rules apply again! =)


  1. Look up in 8ty8beauty. Look for the nail polish that you want. Copy the Product name and send them to me via form (on the right side bar) or
  2. I will send you the quotes and you will have to decide your orders and send me back a confirmation email.
  3. Once confirmed, please make payment.
  4. Wait until spree deadline ends and I will place orders and you'll have to wait for another 2-3 weeks (at most!) for the items to arrive from the US.
  5. I will packed them and sent them to your doorstep. =)

Orders have to be sent in the below format:-
Your name:
Your order: (Product Name) x (Quantity) or you can copy the product url
Your shipping preference: Pos Laju or Pos Register (Rates on sidebar)

After placed order, please check back your orders in this post. =)

Status below:-

/[9] Amoris EN330627640MY -22/5
1)OPI Gargantuan Green Grape OPI NMB44 $4.68 - RM26.9
2)OPI Chapel of Love OPI V01 $4.48 RM26.05
3)CG - Ruby Pumps CG-182 $2.68 RM17.9
4)CG - Emerald Sparkle CG-28843 $2.68 RM17.9
5)CG - Secrect Peri-Wink-Le CG-80895 $2.68 RM17.9
6)CG - Second-Hand Silk CG-80864 $2.68 RM17.9
7)CG - Metallic Muse CG70416 $3.38 RM21.4
8)CG - Adore CG-80209 $2.68 RM17.9
9)CG-Wireless Holographic Top Coat CG-80820 $3.88 RM23.5
Postage (eParcel) x1 FOC

/[5] Takayaki CD152456779MY-22/5
1)CC - Best Dressed List CC-882 $2.50 RM16.3
2)CC - High Society CC-881 RM16.3
3)CC - Who Are You Wearing CC-880 RM16.3
4)CG - Go Go Pink CG-546 $2.68 RM17.9
5) Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat SECVITE-05 $4.25 RM24

/[2]Soyan (Email) Refund Balance - RM2.9 CD152456796MY 22/5
1)OPI Alpine Snow(Matte) OPI L00 $4.48 RM26.05
2)OPI Chocolate Moose OPI C89 $4.48 RM26.05
E-parcel / Pos daftar RM3

/[7]ShirleyLynn RM113.95 PAID Balance:RM6.15 + RM28.66 CD152456805MY-22/5
1)CG- Ruby Pumps CG182 (glitter) Price: $2.68 RM17.9
2)CG - Emerald Sparkle (G) CG-28843 Price: $2.68 RM17.9
3)OPI-Suzi Says Da! OPI R60 $4.48 RM26.05
4)OPI My Daddy's The King! OPI R47 RM26.05
5)OPI InkOPI B61 RM26.05 OOS
6)CORRPEN-1 Corrector pen
7)OPI Natural Nail Base Coat OPINTT10 RM26.05
Pos Register/e-Parcel
OPI Chocolate Moose OPI C89

4]Jessie N(Email) Done 22/5
1)OPI Natural Nail Base Coat OPINTT10 $4.48 RM26.05
/2)CG-Wireless Holographic Top Coat CG-80820 $3.88 RM23.5
/3)Suede OPI Ink OPI SB61 $4.68 - RM26.9
4)OPI Matte La Paz-itively-Hot OPI NMA20 $4.68 - RM26.9

/[12]Crystal (Email)
1)OPI Natural Nail Base Coat OPINTT10 $4.48 RM26.05
2)OPI Top Coat OPINTT30 RM26.05
3)OPI Alpine Snow OPI L00 RM26.05
4)OPI Russian Navy OPI R54 RM26.05
5)OPI manicurist of seville OPI E49 RM26.05
6)OPI The "IT" Color OPI B66 RM26.05
7)Light As Air CG80933 RM17.9
8)Ruby Pumps CG182 RM17.9
9)Emerald Sparkle CG-28843 RM17.9
10)Dim Sum Plum OPI H44 RM26.05
11)Hot & Spicy OPI H43 RM26.05
12)Gargantuan Green Grape OPI NM B44 RM26.9

/iTeddy CD152456819MY -22/5
1)Got the Blues for Red OPI W52 RM26.05
Pos Register x1

/lca120 CD152456782MY - 22/5
1)Vodka & Caviar OPI R55 RM26.05
2)That's Hot! Pink OPI B68 RM26.05
3)Brights Power OPI B67 RM26.05
4)Feelin' Hot-Hot-Hot! OPI B77 RM26.05
5)Conquistadorable Color OPI E51 RM26.05
6)Dating A Royal OPI B70 RM26.05 OOS
eParcel x1 FOC

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sigma Makeup Brushes Spree #2 - Closed & Posted

posted to all spreers :)


Finally, the premium sets are back in stock! If you haven't seen or heard Sigma Brushes before, head on to my reviews --> HERE.

Intro: This is Sigma Makeup brushes. If you heard about them, some people called them the "MAC-dupes" brushes. =)

Actual pic ? These are mine by the way. Click to see more if you want. =)

above: Face & Eye Kit $49

Sigma Make up Brushes Spree

1. Click on the Sigma Make up Brushes website.
2. Copy the product and send me your order (
3. Make payment (50% deposit or full payment) upon confirmation.
4. Wait for 2-3 weeks upon arrival from US postal service. After everything is sorted out and packed, I will send them out to your house address. =)

Travel Kits (Naughty in Black , Nice in Pink) $49 - RM196
Professional Premium Brushes $149 (15 brushes + brush roll) - RM570
Face Kit $39 - RM156.5
Face and Eyes Kit $49 - RM196
Eyes kit $39 - RM156.5
Professional Complete Kit (Black - 12 brushes) Without Brush Roll $69 RM280
Professional Complete Kit (Black & Pink- 12 brushes) With Brush Roll $89 RM350

Order Format:
Your Name:
Shipping Method: Pos Laju / Pos Register
Order List
1. cutie pie1
Professional Premium Brushes $149 (15 brushes + brush roll) - RM570

ss224 - tapered blending brush $9 RM39.5
Small contour brush SS109 $14 RM55.8
Pos Register RM3

3. estylista
SS197 RM63.5

4. Mindy Lee. (email)
Professional Premium Brushes $149 (15 brushes + brush roll) - RM570 x2
SS197 RM63.5 x2

5. Tina Ali (email) PAID- RM200
Professional Complete Kit (Black - 12 brushes) Without Brush Roll $69 RM280
Pos Laju x1

Spree OPEN!!