Monday, March 29, 2010

Spree #3: Nail Polishes from Transdesign - Posting

Spree Status:-
03/28 :OPEN, any questions, send to me -->
04/04: Closing of Orders
05/04: Ordered @ Transdesign
06/04: Orders Received
10/04: Orders Shipped via UPS (Estimated to reach 26-April)
24/04: There are about 20 nail polishes does not arrived. I will contact you further once Transdesign gets back to me with the status. A few bottles were badly smashed during transit (see below). Will contact affected spreers accordingly. =\
26/04: Batch 1 Posted Out (tracking number see below)
27/04: Batch 2 to post out

updated : 04/26


(1.) jayelleenelial RM161 PAID - To Refund RM1
OPI Off with Her Red! * RM28.66
OPI No Room for the Blues RM28.66
OPI Sea Ya Later, Sailor! * RM28.66 OOS
OPI Maylaysian Mist RM28.66
OPI All the Berry Best RM28.66
OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui RM28.66
CG- Subtle Shimmery Hot Pink RM18.4 OOS
CG - Shocking Pink
Pos Register x 1 (FOC)
Rebate RM1 for 5 Nail Polishes

(2.) Amoris RM384.18 PAID - Refunded RM2 EN322941525MY-26/4
Color Club - Si Vous Please
Color Club -Fashion Addict
Color Club -Oui oui oui
Color Club -Tru Passion
Color Club -With abandon
Color Club -Rule breaker
Color Club -on the wild side
Color Club -wild and willing
Color Club - Yummy!
OPI ink suede RM28.66 OOS
OPI we'll always have paris suede RM28.66
OPI lincoln park after dark suede RM28.66 OOS
China Glaze Wireless Holographic Top Coat $3.96 RM25 OOS
China Glaze Polar Ice RM20.8
China Glaze Luna RM20.8
China Glaze Grape Pop RM18.4
China Glaze agent lavender RM18.4
China Glaze Light as Air
China Glaze For Audrey
China Glaze Re-Freshmint
Pos Laju x1

/3./jessie208 RM234.28 PAIDEN322941511MY -26/4
OPI Russian Navy R54 RM28.66
OPI Ink B61 RM28.66
OPI Eiffel For This Colour F21 RM28.66
OPI Louvre Me Louvre Me Not F13 RM28.66
OPI Golden Rules B63 RM28.66
OPI Vodka & Canviar R55 RM28.66
OPI Tickle My France-y F16 RM28.66
OPI Parlez-Vous OPI F14 RM28.66 OOS
Pos Laju x 1 RM6
Rebate RM1 for 5 NP
---OOS, replace with
OPI Yes..I Can-Can! F24 << Ordered
OPI Catherine The Grape R57

(4.) Tracy6367 RM328.36 PAID RM328.36EN322941542MY -26/4
Ardell Eyelashes - RM105.6
65050 Flare Short, Colour : Black $2.60 RM17.60 X 3
65052 Flare Medium, Colour : Black $2.60 RM17.60 X 3
Jane Beauty Eyelash RM62
803 JB Long Short Black $1.99 RM15.5 X 2
804 JB Long Medium Black $1.99 RM15.5 X 2
OPI Mystery - DS037 $6.95 RM39.38
OPI Jade Is The New Black - H45 RM28.66
EzFlow Grey Wolf $1.06 RM11.3 x 4 = RM45.2
EzFlow Pro Shine $2.12 RM15.66 x 1
EzFlow Tip Blender RM23.86 x 1
CG - Four Leaf Clover RM18.4
CG - Ruby Pumps #182 RM18.4
CG - Love Letter #617 RM18.4
CG - Anklets of Amethyst #591 RM18.4
Pos Laju x 1 RM8

(5.) asstha RM180.58 PAID- RM100
CG-Light As Air RM18.4
CG - Re-Freshmint RM18.4
CG-Lemon Fizz RM18.4
OPI-DS Sapphire ($6.95) RM39.38
Color Club - Take Me To Your Chateau RM18
CG-Matte Magic Flat Finish Top Coat ($2.60) RM18.4 OOS
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat 0.5oz. ($4.20) RM26
Seche Restore Thinner 0.5oz. ($3.90 )rm24.60
Total = RM181.58
Rebate RM1 for 5 NP
Pos Register (?)

(7.) Amazing99 RM42.8 PAID RM5.32 *Combine shipping 8ty8beauty
CG- Grape Pop RM18.4
CG - Emerald Sparkle 18.4
CG - Color Chart
Pos Laju x 1

/8./ dealuvsfaiz RM60.2 *On Hold
Color Club - Who Are You Wearing? RM18
CG Glitter - Meteor Shower RM20.8
CG Refresh Mint RM18.4
Pos Register x1

9. KillerHeels *Done
CG - For Audrey RM18.4
CG - Towel Toy Boy RM18.4
OPI - Lincoln Park after Dark (Suede) RM28.66
Creative - Girlie Pink RM26.65
Orly - Snowcone RM22.8

(10.) win.yeoh RM262.74 PAID CD152456703MY - 26/4
CG- 2030 RM20.8
CG- 5 Golden Rings RM18.4
CG- Strawberry Fields RM18.4
CG- Sex on the Beach RM18.4
CG- Cleopatra RM20.8
OPI - Baby, It's "Coat" Outside! RM28.66
OPI - Brand New Skates RM28.66
OPI - Sand In My Suit RM28.66
OPI - You’re A Doll! RM28.66
OPI RapiDry Spray 4oz.(120ml) RM52.30
Pos Register x1
//AL101 - Fungus Fix Nail Serum 1oz.(30ml) $8.08 RM41.4
//SRB18 - Spring Spa Special $8.33 RM46.5 (due to weight)
//AV702 - Nail & Cuticle Replenishing Oil 1oz.(30ml) $12.30 RM62.7

(11.) purpleline89 PAID EN322941454MY - 26/4
CG sugar high RM18.4
CG high hopes RM18.4
CG go-go pink RM18.4
Nail tek foundation II RM18
Essie matte about you RM28.1
Pos Laju x1

(12.) peanutbutterjelly RM127.05 PAID
CG Glitter - Preppy Pink RM20.8
CG - Innoncence RM18.4
OPI lincoln park after dark RM28.66
OPI Do You Lilac It? RM28.66
OPI-Start to Finish - Formaldehyde Free Formula RM31.53
Pos Register x 1
Rebate RM1 with 5 NP

/13./ Caryn (Email) RM73.2 PAID
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat RM26
CHINA GLAZE Raspberry Festival RM18.4
ORLY Goth RM22.8
Pos Laju RM6

(14.) Shanny (Email) PAID
OPI - That's Berry Daring RM28.66
Pos Register x1 RM3

(15.) Ashley (Email) PAID CD152456663MY - 26/4
CG - For Audrey RM18.4
CG - Go Go Pink RM18.4
Pos Register x1

/16./ Crystal (Email) RM166.7 [Reorder Base & Top Coat] EN322941508MY - 26/4
OPI Natural Nail Base Coat 0.5oz.(15ml) RM28.66
OPI Top Coat 0.5oz. (15ml) RM28.66
OPI it's a girl RM28.66
OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui RM28.66
CG sneaker head RM18.4
OPI Bogota Blackberry RM28.66
Rebate RM1 for 5 NP
Pos Laju x1

(17.) _et_ RM93.98 PAID EN322941471MY - 26/4
OPI - Bogota Blackberry RM28.66
OPI - Black Onyx 28.66
OPI - Red My Fortune Cookie 28.66
Pos Laju x 1

(19.) jaemint RM63.19 PAID CD152456694MY - 26/4
OPI-Bling Dynasty RM28.66
OPI-Start to Finish - Formaldehyde Free Formula RM31.53
Pos Register RM3

/20./ rabbitixD PAID RM505
Flexbrush Acrylic Brush -Oval #6x2 RM50.60x2 #8x1 $12.25 RM57.3 #10x1 $13.75 RM63.4
NAIL TEK Intensive Therapy II & Get Foundation II Free $5.99 RM41.5 (*NA)
NAIL TEK Foundation II RM18
TWEEZERMAN Cuticle Nipper (student) Student Double Spring Nipper 1/4 Jaw $16.25 RM89.3
Seche First Aid Nail Whitening Kit $9.50 RM55.9
China Glaze Wizard of Ooh Ahz Returns 6/Pack RM110
Essie Spring 2010 Collection 6pc Color Cube $24 RM102
Essie Wedding Collection 6pc/Cube
Essie Pink Diamond #470 RM26 (*NA)
OPI Canberrat w/o you #A51 RM28.66 (*NA)

(21.) Grace (Email) RM49.5 PAID CD152456677MY - 26/4
CG-Lemon Fizz
Essie Matte About You
Pos Register x1

(22.)sasa70 RM309.1 PAID - RM310, Refunded 0.10 EN322941485MY
OPI-It’s a Girl RM28.66
OPI-Isn't That Precious? RM28.66
OPI-Pearl of Wisdom RM28.66
OPI-Black Onyx RM28.66
OPI-Moon Over Mumbai RM28.66
OPI-Expert Touch Lacquer Remover 4oz $2.8 RM24
Essie - Van D’go RM24
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat (26x2) RM52
Nailtek Foundation II RM18
Orly Nail Polish Thinner(2oz) x2 RM21.9x2 = RM43.8
Pos Laju x1 RM6
Rebate RM1 for 5 NP; 12 NP rebate RM2

/23./ iTeddy RM31.66 PAID
OPI - Got the Blues for Red RM28.66
Pos Register x1

(24.) chocolatefrogstar RM31.66 PAID CD168938819MY - 26/4
OPI On the Same Paige RM28.66
CG - Let's Groove RM18.4
Pos Registerx1

(25.) Pnt@lyn PAID EN322941468MY - 26/4
CG Preppy Pink RM20.8
CG Fly RM18.4
OPI Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees RM28.66
OPI Hot & Spicy RM28.66
CG Doll House RM20.8
Pos Laju RM8

/26./ iLoveChocOlate RM39.8 PAID
China Glaze Ruby Pumps RM18.4
China Glaze Innocence RM18.4
Pos Register x1

/27./ crisK PAID
China Glaze Short And Sassy RM18.4
China Glaze C-C-Courage RM18.4
China Glaze Ruby Pumps RM18.4
OPI Pretty and Privileged RM28.66
OPI A Grape Fit RM28.66
OPI Cancun Fiesta RM28.66
OPI Natural Nail Base Coat RM28.66
OPI Top Coat RM28.66
Rebate RM1 for 5 NP

/28./ chelsh RM126.98 PAID - RM65 Balance:RM15.34 CD152456685MY -26/4
OPI - Dating A Royal RM28.66
OPI - Russian Navy RM28.66
Essie - Body Language RM24
OPI - You Don't Know Jacques! (Sue) RM28.66
Color Club - Who are you Wearing RM18
Rebate RM1 for 5 NP

/29./ cynthialeeyin RM101 PAID CD168938822MY - 26/4
CG - Emerald Sparkle RM18.4
CG- Atlantis(Glitter) Rm20.8
CG - Ruby Pumps RM18.4
CG dorothy who? Rm18.4
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat $4.20(15ml) RM26.00
Rebate RM1 for 5 NP
Pos Register x1 FOC

/30./ ShirleyLynn RM130.38 PAID
OPI Natural Nail Base Coat 0.5oz.(15ml) $4.99 RM28.66
OPI-Over the Taupe $4.99 RN28.66
china glaze High hopes RM18.4
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat $4.20(15ml) RM26
OPI Princess Rule! RM28.66
Rebate RM1 with 5 NP
Pos Register x1

(31.) verine1012 RM50.87 PAIDCD152530766MY -26/4
CG - Something Sweet RM18.4
CG - Dorothy Who? RM18.4
OPI Nail Envy Original 1/8oz RM11.07
Pos Register ? RM3

/32./ Caitlyn (Email)
CG Four Leaf Clover
CG Secrect Peri-Wink-Le
CG Recycle
Seche Restore Thinner 0.5oz. ($3.90 )rm24.60
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat 0.5oz. ($4.20) RM26
Essie Matte About You

(33.) Maggie Tan RM182 PAID
CG - sex on the beach #157 RM18.4
CG - hippie chic #187 RM18.4
CG - simply stunning #251 RM18.4
CG - hybrid #649 RM18.4
CG - platinum silver #627 RM18.4
CG - Chiaroscuro RM18.4
CG - Rio RM18.4
CG - Tree Hugger RM18.4
CG - Venti Triple Shot Latte RM18.4
CG - Lavender Lingo RM18.4
Rebate RM2 (for 10 Nail Polishes)
Pos Register x1

/34./ Tan Leeyong (Email) RM180 PAID Balance:RM67.6 CD152530695MY -26/4
CG - Atlantis RM20.8
CG - Bad Kitty RM20.8
CG - Strawberry Fields RM18.4
CG - Recycle RM18.4
CG-Cloud Nine #793 RM20.8
CG-Mahoganie #805 RM20.8
CC - Electro Candy RM18
CC - Revvvolution RM18
CC Mini - Strawberry Sherbet RM13
CC Mini - Ruby Slippers RM13
Pos Register x1

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Note =)

Sorry for the lateness of this news! But...

First and foremost, I want to thank all the spree-ers for the Transdesign (Nail Polish) spree. All items have arrived safely except for one Magic Matte Nail Polish. I believed all parcels had reached to the respective owners by now (Except for two spree-er's parcels). =)

Sigma brushes spree had arrived safely as well and all parcels will soon sent out respectively. =)

Therefore, if you have any questions/doubts, feel free to mail me @

Many thanks for the patience again.