Monday, November 22, 2010

Spree #6 Nail Polish Spree - Reached Malaysia

**Closed for Taking in More NP!**

** Spree Status**
Dec 01- Sent Orders to Merchant
Dec 07- Orders now are being processed. Will be shipped once payment is cleared from Merchant's side.
Dec 08 - Shipped by Priority Mail.
Dec 20 - Reached Malaysia. Please note I have yet to received from the Postman. Hence, would only be able to pack & deliver them in due time. Status will be updated again accordingly.


Hey people,

I'm opening this short spree for those who love nail colors. =)

1. Look up in 8ty8beauty Website. Look for the "Polishes" or "Treatments"in the left sidebar. OPI colors are available as well, do look them up in OPI website.

2. Click the nail polish brand that you want and copy and paste the product name back in this topic.

3. Wait for me to quote you back the price (if the price is not listed below). For faster response, mail me at pigments@live[dot]com.

4. Make payment once orders are confirmed. I'll PM you my bank details.

5. Once orders are placed, no modification/cancellation.


***Do allow at least 2-3 weeks for items to reach Malaysia once it is sent out from the US postal service.

***I am not responsible for items lost/wrong address given/damage parcel once it is sent out from my end.

*** I will send you the tracking # for your parcel, so do track them from POS Malaysia website.

Orders have to be sent in the below format:-

Your name:

Your order: (Product Name) x (Quantity) or you can copy the product url

Your shipping preference: Pos Laju or Pos Register

OPI Colors : RM26.05
OPI Colors (Matte and Suede Collection) : RM26.90

China Glaze $2.88: RM19.3
China Glaze $3.58 :RM22.60

Shipping Charges applies:-

Pos Daftar :
WM - RM3
EM - RM5

Pos Laju
WM - RM6
EM - RM8

Order List

1. Abigail (14NP)

China Glaze
Meteor Shower CG80400 Price: $3.58
Emerald Sparkle CG-28843 Price: $2.88
Atlantis CG80406 Price: $3.58
Re-Fresh Mint CG80937 Price: $2.88
Cheers To You CG-25174 Price: $2.88
Lubu Heels CG-77064 Price: $2.88
Fast Forward Top Coat CG-88914 Price: $2.95
Matte Magic, Flat Top Coat, 0.325 oz. CG-87-7206 $2.88
$2.88 - RM19.3*5=RM96.5
$3.58 - RM22.6*2=RM45.2
$2.95 - RM19.6

Color Club
1 Art Of Seduction CC-845 Price: $2.75
2 Untamed Luxury CC-899 Price: $2.75
3 Revvvolution CC-852 Price: $2.75
4 Wild At Heart CC-871 Price: $2.75
5. Black CC-450 Price: $2.75
6. Pretty In Platinum CC-889 Price: $2.75
6*RM19 = RM114

2. Grace C. (3) RM70.95 Paid - 25/11
CG Hi Tek CG70420 $3.58 - RM22.6
CG Grape Pop CG80930 $2.88 = RM19.3
OPI Catch me In the Net RM26.05 (if OOS - OPI Sparka-licious)
Pos Daftar RM3

3.Zetty [2] Paid - 22/11
Nail Art Color in Turqueis (NA68) x 1 RM15.5
OPI Lincoln After Dark Matte x 1 RM26.9
Pos Register RM3

4. mcpy [5] Paid 24/11
1) Emerald Sparkle (G) CG-28843 Price: $2.88
2) Blue Island Iced Tea (S) CG-80873 Price: $2.88
3) Sex On The Beach (S) CG-157 Price: $2.88
4) C-C-Courage (G) CG80925 Price: $2.88
5) Platinum Gold (S) CG-77052 Price: $2.88
China Glaze $2.88: RM19.3 x5=RM96.5
Pos Laju = RM6
total RM102.5

5. win.yeoh PAID 2/12
Color Club: -
revvvolution CC-852 $2.75 RM19
Wild At Heart CC-871 $2.75 RM19
Fashion Addict CC-859 $2.75 RM19
Love 'em Leave 'em CC-867 $2.75 RM19
RM19*4 = RM76

China Glaze: -
Atlantis CG80406 $3.58 RM22.60
He's going in circles CG-70691 $3.58 RM22.60
TMI CG-80808 $3.58 RM22.60
Matte Magic Flat Top Coat CG-87-7206 $2.88 RM19.3
Wireless Holographic Top Coat CG-80820 $3.88 RM23.5
Pink-Rox-E CG-72043 $2.88 RM19.3
Awaken CG-80208 $2.88 RM19.3
China Glaze 25168, Mistletoe Kisses, China Glaze 25166, Mrs. Claus $5.76 RM38.6
OPI Nail Envy ORIGINAL - $8.50 = RM42.9
Total: RM306.7

6. Amoris
Color CLub paris white CC-434 $2.75 RM19
Color club where's the soiree CC-854 $2.75 RM19
China glaze GR8 CG-80811 $3.58 RM22.60
OPI Ridge Filler

7. crisK (6)
REDITH-25 Redi Polish Thinner with dropper, 2.5 oz RM28
Pink Underground - CG-80894 RM19.3
Ruby Deer CG-25165 RM19.3
OPI Flower to Flower RM26.05
OPI Funkey Dunkey RM26.05
OPI Elephantastic Pink RM26.05

8. Caitlyn - Paid 24/11
CG For Audrey CG-77053 RM19.3
CG Lemon Fizz CG80941 RM19.3
CG Sugar High CG80931 RM19.3
OPI Tickle my France-y RM26.05
Pos Laju RM6

9. asstha - Paid RM200 20/11
Color Club
High Society (CC-881) RM19
Revvvolution (CC-852) RM19

Seche Vite
Seche Vite top coat (SECVITE-05) RM25.10 x 4 = RM100.4
Seche Prep nail clenser (SECPREP-1) 22.90
Seche Soft cuticle softener (SECSOFT-1) 31.30

China Glaze
Free Holiday Shot Glass (CG-25089 Midnight Kiss + Cheers To You combo pack) RM 38.60
Frosty (CG-25175) RM19.30
Ruby Pumps (CG182) RM19.30
Little Drummer Boy (CG-25171) RM19.30
Rated Holographic (CG-70683) RM22.60
He's Is Going In Circle (CG-70691) RM22.60
TMI (CG-80808) RM22.60

Orly Cashmere Cardigan (O-703) RM23

Hot Coco (735) RM24
Going Incognito (734) RM24

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