Monday, June 21, 2010

Nail Polish Spree #4 - Closed

STATUS*** All mailed and received! TQ people. :)

icon_question.gif FREE E-Parcel (anywhere in Malaysia) for purchases above RM100!

Quotes for Nail Polishes:-
China Glaze $2.68 --> RM17.9
OPI $4.48 --> RM26.05
OPI $4.68 --> RM26.90 (for OPI Mattes & Suede Collection)

** prices quoted above are for orders below 50 nail polishes per order. If your order is >50 nail polishes, PM me! Prices are even cheaper wink.gif
** prices above will be adjusted again when order reaches 60 nail polishes!
** FYI, this rate only applies to April Spree #2 due to our current currency exchange rate.

This will be a short spree as the Spree cap is 50 Nail Polishes.

But anyway, the same rules apply again! =)


  1. Look up in 8ty8beauty or OPI website. Look for the nail polish that you want. Copy the Product name and send them to me via form (on the right side bar) or
  2. I will send you the quotes and you will have to decide your orders and send me back a confirmation email.
  3. Once confirmed, please make payment.
  4. Wait until spree deadline ends and I will place orders and you'll have to wait for another 2-3 weeks (at most!) for the items to arrive from the US.
  5. I will packed them and sent them to your doorstep. =)

Orders have to be sent in the below format:-
Your name:
Your order: (Product Name) x (Quantity) or you can copy the product url
Your shipping preference: Pos Laju or Pos Register (Rates on sidebar)

After placed order, please check back your orders in this post. =)

updated 06/21: (Spree cap - 50 Nail Polishes)
Amoris PAID RM104.20
OPI Funky dunkey
OPI Rumple's wrigglin'
OPI Who the shrek are you
OPI fiercely fiona

Kaysie (Email)
Zoya Mimi
Zoya Adina
Nubar Passionate Purple

joanjoelin PAID
OPI Shrek Forever After Mini 4/Pack RM49.72
OPI DS Mystery RM34.6
Pos Laju x1 RM8

Cin Yi (Email) PAID RM130.25
OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
Rumple's Wiggin'
What's With The Cattitude?
Thanks So Muchness!
Its Sheer Luck

Tan LeeYong (Email) PAID RM144.25
OPI - Who the shrek are you? RM26.05
CC - Oooooo lala CC-849 RM16.3
CC - Ultra Violet CC-865 RM16.3
CG - Sour Apple CG80405 RM21.4
CG - He's Is Going In Circle CG-70691 RM21.4
Mahoganie CG80398 RM21.4
Medallion CG80423 RM21.4

Joanne (email) PAID RM34
You Don't Know Jacques! (Suede) RM26.9
Essie Matte About You - RM34.65

Cynnz PAID RM44.7
CG-88902 CG Strong Adhesion Base Coat, 0.5 oz. $3.95 RM23.8
China Glaze Pool Party CG80945 RM17.9
add rm3 postage

ShirleyLynn PAID RM244.45
OPI-Dulce de Leche RM26.05
OPI-Pamplona Purple RM26.05
OPI-Red My Fortune Cookie RM26.05
OPI-Tickle My France-y RM26.05
OPI-Jade is the New Black RM26.05
OPI-Russian Navy RM26.05
OPI-Suzi Says Feng Shui RM26.05
CG-Cleopatra #802 RM21.4
CG-Snow Globe #842 RM21.4
REDITH-05 Redi Polish Thinner with dropper, 0.5 oz RM19.3

June W.
1) Baby, It's Coal Outside! RM26.05
2) Red my fortune cookie RM26.05
3) Blue My Mind RM26.05
4) Black Onyx RM26.05
5) Princess Rule RM26.05
6) Party In My Cabana RM26.05
7) Barefoot In Barcelona RM26.05
8) Do You Lilac It RM26.05
9) OPI Natural Nail Base Coat RM26.05
10) OPI Drip Dry w/dropper 0.3oz.(9ml) RM31.40
11) China Glaze - Wagon Trail CG-80885 RM17.9
12) China Glaze - Bermuda Breakaway CG-80871 RM17.9
13) Chine Glaze - Eyes like Sapphire

EzFlow Artist Oval 508 Brush with Cover $28.88 RM108.08 x 2

Annette PAID RM73
OPI Alpine Snow X1 RM26.05
OPI Jade is the New black RM26.05
CG Matte finish top coat X1 RM17.9
Pos x1 RM3

serendipityCBD PAID RM46Excess 0.10
OPI Nail Envy Matte - $8.50 = RM42.9

Julia (email) PAID RM17.9
CG Re-Fresh Mint
CG For Audrey
Pos Laju x1

jesskka PAID RM48.4
Essie - Sexy Divide RM24
CG - Meteor Shower RM21.4
Postage RM3 (eparcel)

PerfectStop PAID RM100
Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey x2 RM26.05 x2 =RM52.1
Venus Di Violet RM26.05
Yes... I can can RM26.05
No Spain no gain RM26.05
Barefoot in Barcelona RM26.05
Royal Rajah Ruby x2 RM26.05x2 =52.1
Honeymoon Sweet RM26.05
Eiffel for this color RM26.05

adore83 PAID RM50
O.P.I – Malaysian Mist
O.P.I – Dulce de Leche
O.P.I - Passion
CG - Wireless Holographic Top Coat

Pam (Email)
OPI-Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow RM26.9
OPI-Yes...I Can-Can! RM26.05
OPI-Black Onyx RM26.05
OPI-Barefoot in Barcelona RM26.05
OPI-Accessory Necessities RM26.05
OPI-Romancing The Red RM26.05
OPI-Start to Finish Formalhyde Free RM32
OPI-Royal Rajah Ruby RM26.05
OPI-Princess Rule! RM26.05
OPI Lincoln Park after Midnight RM26.05
OPI Yoga-Ta Get This Blue!RM26.05
OPI MonSooner or Later RM26.05
REDITH-05 Redi Polish Thinner with dropper, 0.5 oz rm19.3